Backup Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reports > Determining and Improving Backup Success Performance
Version 9.2.01
Determining and Improving Backup Success Performance
The Backup Status SLA report provides you the ability to drill down into any failed job so that you can identify the cause of the failure. In addition to walking you through this identification process, this procedure provides a checklist to help you improve your backup success performance.
To determine and improve backup success performance
1. Navigate to the Backup Status SLA Report.
2. For each day, week, or month, hold your cursor over the triangle icon at the top of each bar to display the success rate. Compare this rate against your SLA.
Each bar represents a specific day. If no bar appears for a specific day, then no backup jobs ran that day.
3. Use the chart to identify any jobs that failed.
4. Identify any trends between failed jobs. For example, are the failed jobs associated with a particular tape drive or disk drive?