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Version 9.2.01
Data Domain VTL Errors
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View a summary of error statistics for all VTLs in a Data Domain system.
The Data Domain system
Virtual Tape Library name
Model of the library
# Drives
Number of drives in the VTL
# Slots
The number of slots in the library; note that the default is 20, with a max of 20,000 for all VTLs
Cartridge Access Ports
The CAPs (cartridge access ports) in the system
# Soft Errors
The number of errors from which the VTL recovered. Typically, no actions are required for these types of errors, although excessive errors could impact performance.
# Hard Errors
The number of errors from which the VTL was unable to recover. Refer to Data Domain logs to determine if corrective actions need to be taken.
Last Error On
Date and time of the last error