Backup Administration Reports > Host Group
Version 9.2.01
Host Group
This report can be accessed from the Host Details Report. In the Host Details Report, click a Group Member link to list the clients/servers belonging to that host group.
The Host Group table provides the following information. Note that the columns that are shown may vary, depending on the type of host group:
Links to the Host Details Report.
Links to the Host Details Report for the backup server.
Last Backup
Links to the Job Summary Report.
Backups this month
The number of the client’s backups for the month.
Total Available (MB)
Amount of available space on this client
Capacity (MB)
The host’s capacity, if it can be determined. In the case of backup clients, the capacity may be unknown to StorageConsole.
Backup Product
The backup software that performed the backups.
For TSM servers, the node name