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Version 9.2.01
Job Summary by Server
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This report displays the number of jobs and their status, for jobs started during the time period that you specified for the report.
Note: Only Symantec NetBackup, EMC NetWorker and CommVault Simpana jobs are supported for this report. Also, the report requires a homogeneous host scope—that is, choose either all NetBackup, all NetWorker or all Simpana servers in your scope selection.
Correlate the data in this report with the information in the to determine if there are problems with the server. For example, if the Job Summary By Server shows jobs in the queue and the Real Time Library and Drive Status shows available drives, something is preventing the queued jobs from getting to running status.
Note: The report for NetWorker servers is titled, Real Time Save Set Summary.
The backup management server.
Jobs that are currently running and have been assigned to a storage unit. this value is the total current running jobs and is not constrained by the selected report time period scope.
Jobs that are queued for an available storage unit. This value is the total currently queued jobs and it is not constrained by the selected report time period scope.
Jobs that completed successfully on their first try.
Jobs that completed successfully after two or more attempts.
Jobs that completed, but were partial jobs with one or more warnings.
Jobs that completed, but a fatal error occurred.
Each numeric column is totalled at the bottom of the table.