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Version 9.2.01
Using Backup Manager Reports for Analysis
Management Reports offer a variety of ways to view data. Using high-level reports, you can quickly summarize your backup status and then when needed, drill down to the details. The Portal reports will quickly replace your command-line tasks that you use to cobble together event status information.
These management reports can aid in troubleshooting to:
diagnose malfunctioning backup servers
determine scheduling conflicts
analyze throughput issues
identify storage media degradation
The following table lists several examples of exposure analysis tasks and the reports that support your diagnostic efforts.
What to do:
How to do it:
1. Determine the status of your backup jobs.
What failed and how severely?
Why did a job take so long?
Did another job hold it up?
Drill down to details.
2. Diagnose backup scheduling issues.
Job Duration Report
Job Volume Summary
From these reports, you can click on a bar to drill down to details in the Job Summary report.
3. Diagnose backup server problems.
Error Log Summary by Server
4. Diagnose client problems.
Consecutive Errors By Client
Drill down to investigate error conditions.
Use the Consecutive Errors by Client report in conjunction with the Error Log Summary, which displays specific error code messages.