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Version 9.2.01
Host to Storage Dashboard
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This four-portlet interactive dashboard initially presents a list of host-to-storage paths in the upper left portlet. The other three portlets remain blank until a host is selected. Each time you select a host, the upper right portlet displays a topology map of the host-to-storage configuration.
Topology Features
This topology represents the connections from a particular host to arrays providing storage to the host.
Mouse-over each device (host, switch, storage array) and paths to view details.
Click a device to display detailed reports
Paths Portlet
Click on a host to view the Host-to-Array Connectivity in the portlet to the right of the Paths portlet
The number of arrays. Click the link to view the Array Capacity & Utilization.
Allocated LUNs
The number of LUNs allocated to this host. Click to drill down the LUN Utilization Summary.
Allocated Capacity
The total storage capacity allocated.
The number of LUNs being used by this host.
Used Capacity
The amount of storage capacity used by this host.
Host Ports
The number of HBAs on this host.
The number of zones in this host.
The number of connection made by one or more ISLs between devices.
Paths in the Host to Array Connectivity Portlet
The status of the connection.
Connected From
The name of the device from which a connection is made.
Port #
The unique identifier of the Port connected from. Click to link to Port Details.
The port speed.
Connected To
The name of the device to which the connection is made.
Port #
The number of the Port connected to. This is a string, not a numeric field. Click to link to Port Details.
The port speed.
Zones in the Host to Array Connectivity Portlet
Zone Name
The name of the zone. Click to link to Zone Details.
Zone Set
The name of the zone set.
The number of members in each zone.
The number of initiators that send a request to the node.
The number of receivers of the request.