Capacity at Risk Reports > NetApp Cluster-Mode Aggregates at Risk
Version 9.2.01
NetApp Cluster-Mode Aggregates at Risk
For thin provisioning, it’s important to know when host usage is about to exceed the storage that was promised. The details shown in this aggregate report can help you understand the current physical capacity status. When an aggregate is at risk—the amount of used storage in the FlexVol approaches the aggregate’s capacity—it can be re-sized to add physical disk space to the aggregate. This is for Cluster Mode arrays.
See also, Thin Provisioning Overview.
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NOTE: The Total Capacity value represents the amount of storage that has been committed or promised to hosts. Therefore, host resources data collection must be implemented in order to determine which Aggregates are at risk and an associated host must be at risk in order for the Aggregate to be considered at risk.
When you generate this report, you can select the threshold to report: Low, Warning, or Critical.
The Aggregate number/ID link to NetApp Cluster-Mode Volumes at Risk
Storage Array
Mouse over the usage thermometer to view the % available
Total Capacity
The aggregate’s total capacity
Allocated Capacity
Amount of capacity that has been allocated for use
Available Capacity
Remaining capacity available for use
raid0 (mirrored), raid4 (single disk for parity), or raid_dp (double-parity protection)
# Volumes at Risk
# of Hosts at Risk
Number of hosts at risk.
List of Plexes
Lists 1 or 2 Plexes—2 if SyncMirror is licensed and enabled. Links to the NetApp Plex Details report.
Risk Date
The point at which the aggregate is at risk