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Version 9.2.01
APTARE StorageConsole Products
APTARE StorageConsole offers several major products to support storage management and data protection.
Backup Manager provides a centralized, real-time view of your backup environment. These reports increase the reliability of your data protection environment by providing the most in-depth backup reporting and management available. You can instantly view backup job status across thousands of clients in the enterprise. Benefits include:
View successful, partial, and failed backups across the entire data protection infrastructure and discover the root cause of problems
Institute best practices for data protection compliance and internal SLAs
Increase reliability and performance of the backup/recovery environment
Capacity Manager increases storage utilization by providing a full view of the SAN storage environment from the applications, hosts, and storage arrays. Automated mapping shows the relationship between each host and LUN in your environment to convey how the storage resources are being used. Array utilization shows the amount of allocated storage from each storage array. Application utilization identifies the amount of storage used vs. allocated by application. Benefits include:
Create chargeback reports by any logical grouping (for example, by department, geography, tiers)
Optimize efficiency and reclaim hidden storage with allocated and used storage capacity views
Improve planning with forecasts and trend analysis of future storage capacity
Fabric Manager provides a view of SAN Fabric components—zones, switches, ports, arrays, and hosts—enabling a full view of your resources. A variety of reports offer a quick view of capacity and utilization, along with change management and performance metrics. Benefits include:
Visualize the SAN from the physical or virtual server to the storage system
Determine if errors are creating issues
View I/O response times, throughput, and read/write statistics
File Analytics collects and profiles unstructured data to enable you to identify storage that can be reclaimed. Three types of Data Collectors collect and categorize this data from: CIFS Shares, NetApp storage systems, and from host-attached storage. Benefits include:
Consolidate and remove duplicate files for faster, optimized data backups
Move data to specific tiers based on the value of the data
Enforce corporate retention and unauthorized usage policies
Replication Manager can help you protect mission-critical data by measuring compliance, maximizing resources, controlling costs, and improving overall performance. Identify wasted storage, occupied by obsolete snapshot files, and reclaim space. Plan for growth as replication demands increase. Issue warnings when replication storage capacity becomes dangerously low. Benefits include:
Measure compliance with business continuity goals and control costs associated with data replication environments
Virtualization Manager enables you to gain insight into how to plan, manage, and optimize storage allocated to virtual systems—improve efficiency and reduce costs. Directly map the storage used by each virtual machine, down to the actual storage array itself. Determine which virtual machines are over- or under-utilizing their allocated storage. Benefits include:
Maximizing the storage efficiency in virtualized environments
Improve performance of the virtualized infrastructure
Monitor current usage and forecasting of virtual resource demands