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Version 9.2.01
Unused Partitions/Logical Volumes
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This report lists all hosts with logical volumes that have no mounted filesystems. A logical volume may have been created in the volume group, but the logical volume is not being used by the host. These unused volumes provide available storage.
In the report’s scope selector, the Host Type option can be used to include virtual hosts in this host-based report: VM Guest, VM Server, VIO Guest, VIO Server, or Other. Note that host disks, not volume groups, are displayed for virtual hosts. Also, there are no unused disks for VM Guests, as virtual disks are created by the VM Guest.
Host Name
The name of the host.
Volume Group/ Disk Name
The volume group and/or disk name.
Volume Group/ Disk Size
The volume group and/or disk size.
Volume Group/ Disk Avail
The amount of volume group storage that is available for use.
Logical Volume
The name of the logical volume (partition).
LV Size
The logical volume size.
The RAID type of the volume.
Additional details can be accessed via the following drill-down links in the report:
Host - Host Utilization Detail