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Version 9.2.01
Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning Pool Summary
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The Dynamic Provisioning Pool uses virtual volumes for data storage, with actual capacity available upon request to a host writing to LUN storage. Use this report to ensure that your pool always has sufficient free capacity, enabling on-demand provisioning to hosts.
Pool ID
The name of the Dynamic Provisioning Pool.
Storage Array
The storage array on which the pool resides.
Mouse over the thermometer to view the percentage of the pool that is used. Used capacity is the total capacity of all the pages that have data written to them; that is, consumed or touched storage. The percentage is the used size divided by the total physical capacity.
# of DP Pool VOLs
The number of VOLs in this DP Pool; links to the DP Pool Volumes to view the storage that has been allocated to the DP Pool.
Capacity of DP Pool
Virtual volumes can have a capacity that is greater than the pool capacity; however, it is imperative that you monitor the pool capacity to ensure that space is available on demand.
# of DP VOLs
The number of virtual volumes in this Dynamic Provisioning pool; links to the LUN Utilization Summary. This is capacity that is available to be allocated to hosts; associated capacity.
Capacity of DP VOLs
This is the capacity of all DP Volumes that have been allocated to hosts. It also includes overhead for dynamic provisioning. This capacity could be over-subscribed, which means that the capacity shown here could exceed the capacity shown in the Capacity column.
Percentage = Capacity of DP Vols/Capacity of DP Pool
This is storage that can be written to by a host.
This is consumed or touched capacity; that is, the sum of the 42 MB pages assigned from the pool that have data written to them.
Available Size
Capacity - Used Size = Available Size. Monitor this space to ensure that you do not deplete the available space in a pool, ensuring that host requests for storage are not denied
Threshold1 is a user definable threshold used to monitor consumed DP pool capacity.
This threshold is hard-coded in the firmware of the array.
Reported by Device Manager: Normal, Blocked, Over Threshold