Thin Provisioning Reports > EMC VNX (CLARiiON) Thin Pool Summary
Version 9.2.01
EMC VNX (CLARiiON) Thin Pool Summary
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Pool Name
The name of the storage pool links to EMC CLARiiON Thin Pool Details.
Array Name
The array associated with the storage pool
RAID type
Raw Capacity
The raw capacity of the pool
User Capacity
The physical capacity that’s available to all LUNs in the storage pool; also known as usable capacity or host-visible capacity.
Consumed Capacity
The physical capacity that is assigned to all LUNs in the storage pool. From the array’s perspective, consumed capacity is the same as allocated capacity.
% Used
Consumed Capacity divided by User Capacity
Available Capacity
The physical pool storage that is not allocated to pool LUNs
Pool Subscribed
The physical capacity that has been given to hosts/applications; this is from the host’s perspective
% Oversubscribed
Oversubscribed capacity refers to Subscribed Capacity that exceeds User Capacity.
# of Thin LUNs
Thin LUNs contain the capacity that is visible to hosts (applications); this capacity typically is greater than the actual because it is from the host’s perspective and is the subscribed capacity total. Drill down to the LUN Utilization Summary for details.
# of Hosts
The number of hosts using this pool. Drill down to the Host Capacity & Utilization report.
Oversubscribed capacity refers to User Capacity that exceeds the physical capacity of the pool.