Working with the Dynamic Template Designer > Working with Enterprise Objects and Fields
Version 9.1
Working with Enterprise Objects and Fields
APTARE StorageConsole data collection can gather a significant amount of data from a variety of subsystems, such as storage array systems and backup systems. The Dynamic Template Designer can report on the following sets of data, represented by Enterprise Objects.
Data Domain - Use this enterprise object to create templates that report on data collected from EMC Data Domain systems.
Host - Hosts can be collected from any number of subsystems, such as storage arrays or backup systems. This host enterprise object enables you to identify the subsystem from which host data was collected, along with a number of other characteristics. such as total filesystem capacity, that can help you make business decisions.
Job - The Job enterprise object can be used to report on collected backup and restore jobs.
Storage Array - Storage metrics can be collected from a number of storage systems, such as Hitachi, EMC, and IBM arrays. Use the Storage Array enterprise object to report on these systems.
Collected data is available as fields—that is, object-specific details—to be included in report templates and reports. These fields represent the rich set of data that has been collected from a specific environment. For example, you could select the number of files for a backup job and the size of those files. Both “number of files” and “size” are characteristics or fields that will be displayed in a report for backup jobs.