Organizing Reports > Creating a Custom Report Folder
Version 9.1
Creating a Custom Report Folder
Once you accumulate several saved reports, you can better organize them by creating custom folders within the My Reports group. This enables you to access specific and unrelated reports quickly by creating a folder structure relevant to your environment. Because sharing reports is available from the folder level, you can also create a folder structure to share certain groups of reports instead of sharing individually. See also Sharing Reports, Dashboards and Folders.
You can rename the My Reports folder if required.
To create a custom report folder
1. Right-click the My Reports folder and select New.
2. Enter the new folder name and description.
3. Click Save.
4. Drag saved reports into the new folder.
Creating Shortcuts
A shortcut is a link to a report or a template in a different folder.You can copy a report or template and then paste them as shortcuts into any user folder. This allows you to easily access the item that the shortcut links to. Shortcuts can be distinguished from the original file by the arrow that appears on the icon. After you paste the shortcut into its new location, you can rename it if required.
NOTE: Shortcuts cannot be shared.
To create a shortcut
1. Select the report or template.
2. Click Copy.
3. Navigate to the user folder you want to paste it into.
4. Click Paste as Shortcut.
Once you paste the link, you can right-click and select Rename if required.
To delete a shortcut
1. Select the report or template shortcut.
2. Click Delete.