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Version 9.1
Host Name Processing - Filters and Aliases
StorageConsole takes a two-pass approach to processing hosts. See Load Host Alias in the APTARE StorageConsole System Administrator’s Guide for the description of the utility to set up host aliases.
Pass 1: Filtering Out Characters
Specific characters can be filtered from the host name. Character sequences are stored in the database table: apt_domain_alias_filter
During Pass 1, the host name is compared to the character strings in the filter table.
Only the suffix can be filtered—that is, trailing characters
The filter must be at least 2 characters in length
Pass 2: Checking for Aliases
After filtering, the apt_object_alias table is checked for aliases, looking for a direct match. Update this table with your host name aliases.
Wildcards are not supported
This is a one-for-one check. A lookup is performed with the host name and if an alias is found, the alias is substituted for the host name.
Note: Even if filtering is not required, this second pass still looks for aliases.
Example 1:
The following example demonstrates how host processing and filtering works:
1. Pass 1 - Host name ( is compared to filter string: _nbu
2. After filtering, the host name that remains is:
3. Pass 2 - If there was an alias set up for as mymachine, then mymachine is used as the host name.
Example 2:
Filter = nb1
Input host name = anb1bcdnb1
Output host name = anb1bcd