Managing Hosts > Working with Host Management
Version 9.1
Working with Host Management
Host Management enables you to quickly assess the status of your system’s virtual and physical hosts by evaluating collected or imported details from a consolidated view of all hosts collected from across your organization. It does not include discovered, but not collected from hosts.
You can filter the data by IP addresses and host names or use the advanced feature to filter further and produce a more specific set of results. For example:
Display all new hosts where the custom attribute department is not set
Display all hosts where the display host name does not match the host name specified by NetBackup
Use the Host Management page to create a custom view of the hosts in your system with the details you’re most interested in by choosing the columns to display. Once selected, sort and move these columns to your preference.
Further categorize the information by using custom attributes. This management page enables you to select hosts in your system and apply or revise attributes in bulk. You can also use the Import feature to update existing host details with data from an external spreadsheet and add new hosts not part of the regular collection cycle.
Understanding Permissions
Host Management access is controlled by user permissions. There are multiple levels of access:
Restrict access to the entire management page.
Restrict the ability to import host information from an external source.
Restrict the ability to manage attributes.
Refer to Assigning User Privileges for complete information.