Discovery Policies for Symantec NetBackup > Monitor Discovery Processes
Version 9.1
Monitor Discovery Processes
To monitor a Discovery process
1. From the Portal toolbar, view the Discovery Administration window by selecting Admin > Reports > Discovery Policies.
Inactive. Indicates that there are currently no active policies for the particular Discovery process.
Active. Indicates that there is at least one active policy for the particular Discovery process. To access the individual Discovery processes, click on the management server row.
2. For each active policy, double-click on the management server that is responsible for running a particular policy.
3. Using the last run status field, determine the status of the Discovery process that last ran:
Failed. Indicates a problem during the execution of the policy or a problem with saving the data to the Reporting Database. Check the mbs/logs/crontab.log file for detailed information about the failure.
Partial. Indicates one or more probes time out and a response was not received.