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Version 9.1
About Dashboards
Acting as a canvas, dashboards provide an at-a-glance overview by displaying many reports on a single page. You can drag and drop individual reports, to create a consolidated view into your storage environment. You can create a dashboard to:
Contain reports you access regularly
View multiple scenarios simultaneously
Troubleshoot a particular problem by gathering data from multiple reports into one view
Monitor many metrics at once
When you design a dashboard, you gather a variety of reports that will help you to correlate events, isolate problems, and forecast capacity. You simply create a new dashboard and add reports to it. There is no limit to the number of reports that you can add to a personal dashboard. Each time you add a report to a dashboard, the reports appear on the same page.
NOTE: Reports on dashboards are treated as stand-alone instances and are not linked to the original report. For example, when a name or scope change is made in the original report, those changes are not reflected in the dashboard version.
You can save Dashboards that you create and access them like any other StorageConsole report. See also Working with Dashboards.