Working with Capacity Manager Host Data Collection
Version 9.1
Working with Capacity Manager Host Data Collection
Use these steps to configure Host Resources Data Collection and manage the Host Inventory.
Understanding the Host Data Collection Process
Host Resources Prerequisites and Configurations
Host Inventory Configuration Steps
Host Inventory Setup Overview
Host Inventory Maintenance Overview
Before Discovering Hosts
Configure/Search the Host Inventory
Manage Credentials
Manage WMI Proxy
Manage Paths
Manage Access Control
Host Inventory Management
Configure Host Discovery Policies to Populate the Host Inventory
Validate Host Connectivity
Host Inventory Search and Host Inventory Export
Basic Search
Pre-Defined Search
Advanced Search Parameters
Export the Host Inventory
Configure and Edit Host Probes
Capacity (HBA, iSCSI, Volume Manager, Multi-pathing)
Application Probes: Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, Oracle ASM,
File Analytics