Managing and Monitoring Data Collection > Collector Log Requests
Version 9.1
Collector Log Requests
To facilitate Data Collection troubleshooting, you can request files to be downloaded and set up email notifications so that you will know when log files are available for analysis.
To Request a Data Collector Log
1. Select Admin >Data Collection > Logs
2. Click Add.
3. Configure the Create Collector Logger Request window:
Data Collector*
Select the Data Collector from which the log files will be retrieved.
Enter comma-delimited email addresses if you want to be notified when the log files are ready for download.
Path to File/Folder*
Enter an explicit path to the folder/file to be downloaded.
The path will always be relative to the <APTARE_HOME> folder. Therefore, you should not include the explicit <APTARE_HOME> portion in the path. For informational and troubleshooting purposes only, know that <APTARE_HOME> is typically configured to be:
/opt/aptare on Linux and C:\Program Files\aptare on Windows.
Use the asterisk (*) wildcard to include multiple files. For example, /mbs/logs/metadata.META.*.log
Two dot (“..”) notation, to move up the hierarchy, is not supported.
In addition to log files, other files useful for troubleshooting can be downloaded; for example, collectorconfig.xml or
The most common location from which to download logs is:
In addition, an FTP option is available:
Check this box if you want to send these files directly to Support for analysis.
Collector Log Status
The Collector Log requests are listed with links to access the downloadable files.
The Status of a request can be:
Available - Click the Available link to download the zip file.
Failed - Mouse-over a Failed status to view the details of the failure.