Managing and Monitoring Data Collection > EMC Avamar Data Collector Policy
Version 9.1
EMC Avamar Data Collector Policy
Prerequisites: A Data Collector must exist in the Portal, to which you will add Data Collector Policies. For specific prerequisites and supported configurations, see the APTARE StorageConsole 9.1 Certified Configurations Guide.
1. Select Admin > Data Collection > Collectors.
The list of currently configured Portal Data Collectors is displayed.
2. Select a Data Collector from the list.
3. Click Add and select EMC Avamar.
4. Enter or select the parameters. Mandatory parameters are denoted by an asterisk (*):
Sample Value
Collector’s Domain
The domain of the collector to which the collector backup policy is being added. This is a read-only field. By default, the domain for a new policy should be the same as the domain for the collector. This field is set when you add a collector. See Adding/Editing Data Collectors for details.
The domain identifies the top level of your host group hierarchy. The name was supplied during the installation process. All newly discovered host are added to the root host group associated with this domain. If you are a Managed Services Provider, each of your customers will have a unique domain with its own host group hierarchy.
To find your Domain name select Admin > Hosts and Domains > Domains.
Backup Management Server*
Select the backup product management server (i.e., EMC Avamar Server) with which the Data Collector will communicate. For Avamar, this is the Utility Node.
Select the version of EMC Avamar.
Host Address*
The hostname or IP address used to connect to the Avamar management console database.
Backup Software Home*
The directory under which all Avamar binaries and configuration files are kept. Typically this is: /usr/local/avamar
User ID and Password*
User name to log into the EMC Avamar management console database for reporting access. In a default install of Avamar, this is usually viewuser with a password of viewuser1.
Utility node username*
The login credentials must have root-level access to the Avamar utility node in order for the Data Collector to invoke command-line programs in the /usr/local/avamar/bin directory.
Utility node password*
Enter the password for the utility node username that has root-level access to the Avamar utility node.
5. Click OK to save the Policy.
6. On the Data Collector server, install/update the Data Collector software.