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Version 9.1
APTARE Report Library
The Report Library provides visibly into your IT environment through the APTARE StorageConsole product reports such as:
Chargeback metering platform helps manage costs and demand for resources
Auditing and compliance reporting will get you the data viewing for every job
Utilization and optimization reporting for detailed performance
Trending and forecasting gives you the visibility on your data usage and storage consumption
The library allows you to filter by product or to search for the reports you need. There are at least 300 reports to choose from with new reports added regularly. You can use these directly or easily make changes to accommodate their unique environment. Use these reports to analyze the vast repository of data that StorageConsole maintains on customer data center environments. You can find the library on the APTARE website:
You can also subscribe using an RSS feed to stay on top of the latest additions.
NOTE: Some reports may not be suitable for large environments or MSP portals.
After downloading, you can import the report into your APTARE StorageConsole Portal.