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Version 9.1
About User Types
There are three different portal user types:
User Type
Manage user accounts and set up host groups at or below the Administrator’s assigned group. An Administrator can create both End User and Administrator accounts, but only within the Administrator’s home group.
In an MSP (Managed Services Provider) environment, each client has Administrator accounts that have access only to the client’s domain and only the host groups within that domain.
Super User
Everything that an Administrator can do in addition to the following:
Access the entire Portal host group hierarchy from top to bottom regardless of the user’s group assignment.
Manage Oracle table space.
Define and manage server backup cycles.
Create both End User and Administrator accounts.
Access all default and user-generated reports.
End User
Those features for which privileges have been granted by the Administrator. The end user will only be able to utilize those features at or below their assigned home group.