Configuring Backup Job Overrides
Version 9.1
Configuring Backup Job Overrides
In some backup environments, it is desirable to treat backup warning status messages as successful backups. A configuration modification can change the default behavior of APTARE StorageConsole reports. You may want to override other backup statuses as well. StorageConsole supports job overrides for all supported backup products.
Use the following procedure to update the job override configuration.
Note: For the purpose of simplicity, only the NetWorker job override steps are shown. Similar configuration changes can be done for other backup products.
To Configure a Backup Job Override
1. At the command line, login to the Portal Server as user aptare.
2. Make a copy of the following files. Note that in this step, only the NetWorker (leg) override is shown, however, other backup product job overrides can be customized using their relevant .plb files.
3. On the Portal server, shut down the Data Receiver.
Linux: /opt/aptare/bin/tomcat-agent stop
Windows: C:\opt\aptare\utils\stopagent.bat
4. Edit job_override.sql and find the following section.
5. Update the job_override.sql file with code to customize how APTARE StorageConsole will override the backup status. The following example illustrates updates for NetBackup or NetWorker, enabling a warning to be treated as a successful backup. Note that overrides are supported for all backup products.
Note: The above example is for illustration purposes only. You may choose to customize job overrides for other backup vendor job statuses.
6. Go to:
Linux: /opt/aptare/database/stored_procedures/
Windows: C:\opt\aptare\database\stored_procedures\
7. Compile the SQL binary (.sql file):
sqlplus portal/portal @ job_override.sql
8. Go to:
Linux: /opt/aptare/database/stored_procedures/leg/
Windows: C:\opt\aptare\database\stored_procedures\leg
9. Compile the PL/SQL binary (.plb file):
sqlplus portal/portal @ leg_adaptor_pkg.plb
10. Restart the Data Receiver.
Linux: /opt/aptare/bin/tomcat-agent start
Windows: C:\opt\aptare\utils\startagent.bat