Performance Profile Schedule Customization
Version 9.1
Performance Profile Schedule Customization
Array Performance Profiling enables you to monitor performance over time and to compare your enterprise-specific performance with the performance found in a broader community. You can customize the time of day when your environment’s profiling job will run.
To customize the time period for profiling the collected performance data
1. On the Portal server, go to the database procedures directory.
Windows: C:\opt\oracle\database\stored_procedures\srm
Linux: /opt/aptare/database/stored_procedures/srm
2. Edit the script: setup_srm_jobs.plb.
3. Note the parameters shown in red and modify them accordingly.
jobNo := dba_package.getDatabaseJobID('srm_array_perf_report_pkg.recalIntPerformanceProfile');
IF (jobNo IS NOT NULL AND jobNo != 0) THEN
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('srm_array_perf_report_pkg.recalIntPerformanceProfile exists and will first be removed before adding a new version');
job => jobNo,
what => 'srm_array_perf_report_pkg.recalIntPerformanceProfile(dateRangeType(null,null,null,SYSDATE-2/24, SYSDATE, null, 0));',
next_date => SYSDATE + (3/24),
interval => 'TRUNC(SYSDATE+1,''DD'') + (10/24)');
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('srm_array_perf_report_pkg.recalIntPerformanceProfile set to run on daily at 10am');
Three hours after a Portal Installation or Upgrade, this job runs for the first time. See the parameter: (SYSDATE + (3/24))
After the first run, this job will run at 10:00 a.m. every day. See the parameter: (TRUNC(SYSDATE+1, “DD”) + (10/24)
This Performance Profiler will calculate the last two hours of statistics. See the parameter: SYSDATE-2/24
4. Execute the following command to activate your new schedule:
su - aptare
sqlplus portal/portal @setup_srm_jobs.plb