Advanced Configuration for NetBackup Discovery > Modify Discovery System Parameters
Version 9.1
Modify Discovery System Parameters
Many of the default settings for discovery processes are maintained in the Reporting Database. Occasionally, you might need to adjust some of the default settings. For example, if you want to adjust the default timeout values used for the various probes, you need to edit the default settings. You can update these settings by loading a new set of settings from an XML file that you maintain on the Portal Server.
Each host group folder that a master server references, using the ServerGroupId parameter in the bnrtriggerconfig.xml file on the master server, has its own set of configuration parameters. Therefore to change the settings for a Data Collector running on a master server, you must first find the value of the ServerGroupId parameter.
This procedure assumes that the ServerGroupId value is 100000, and the Portal Server is installed on a Linux system. However, for Windows installations, simply replace the forward slashes with backslashes and the .sh with .bat.
To modify discovery system parameters
1. On the Portal Server, make a copy of the default discovery settings file.
# cd /opt/aptare/utils
# cp DiscoverProperties.xml DiscoverProperties_new.xml
2. In the new discovery settings file, change public to your SNMP community string value:
# vi DiscoverProperties_new.xml
3. Save and close the file.
4. Go to the utils directory:
# cd /opt/aptare/utils
5. From the utils directory and to load the new configuration settings into the Reporting Database for the appropriate ServerGroupId, type the following line as one continuous line:
# ./ 100000 ..\portalconf\systemlogger.xml DiscoverProperties.xml
The configuration will always load from: /opt/aptare/portalconf/