SSL Certificate Configuration
Version 9.1
SSL Certificate Configuration
This document provides the steps for implementing the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol within
APTARE StorageConsole. SSL can be used when communicating with the Portal and for data collection communications. This document also covers how to configure SSL for the Portal and data collection. It also covers how to create a self-signed certificate, how to add a virtual interface to a Linux server, and a sample of a default Apache SSL configuration file.
APTARE validated these instructions, but there are many variations in the method used to implement SSL. This document is meant only as a guide to one implementation approach and it may not be applicable in all situations. Implementing SSL requires knowledge of the underlying technology.
Note: While these steps include directions for generating a temporary, self-signed certificate, APTARE recommends obtaining the certificate from a third-party provider rather than using the self-signed certificate.
Implementing SSL
Creating Self-Signed SSL Certificate
Adding a Virtual Interface to a Linux Server
Default Apache SSL Configuration File
Enabling/Disabling SSL for a Data Collector
Enabling SSL for Emailed Reports