Defining Report Metrics > Changing Backup Success Percentage
Version 9.1
Changing Backup Success Percentage
By default the Backup Status Report defines the Success Percentage metric as 85%. Although this percentage is typical, your SLA might require a different percentage. You can change this percentage for specific host groups or for all host groups.
To change the success percentage metric:
1. Determine the host group’s ID. See Finding the Host Group ID.
2. Log on to the Portal Server as user aptare.
3. Type the following command:
sqlplus portal/portal_password
4. Insert a row into the ptl_sla_group_policy table. The following example assumes that you want to change the success percentage to 95% for all host groups.
INSERT INTO ptl_sla_group_policy (group_id, successful_backups_objective, successful_restores_objective)
VALUES (100000, 95.0, 95.0);