Tuning APTARE StorageConsole > Reclaiming Free Space from Oracle
Version 9.1
Reclaiming Free Space from Oracle
From time to time you may need to reclaim some space from Oracle before additional storage can be provisioned. The following script can be run at any time to reclaim space. It looks at every Oracle database file (DBF) for “white space” at the end of the file. If it finds more than 256 MB of white space, it re-sizes the DBF file to remove the trailing space. This white space is a result of many insertions and deletions; in addition, white space can occur if you have truncated tables or purged a lot of data.
1. Login to the database server as aptare.
2. Go to the tools directory:
Linux: cd /opt/aptare/database/tools
Windows: cd C:\opt\oracle\database\tools
sqlplus / as sysdba
@ reclaim_aptare_tablespace