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Version 9.1
Tuning the Portal Database
Note: Only 64-bit Operating Systems are supported for the Oracle Database.
Database Cache and Shared Pool Size Recommendation:
Comment out the following lines in initscdb.ora:
#db_cache_size = 400M
#shared_pool_size = 256M
Windows: C:\opt\oracle\database\initscdb.ora
Linux: /opt/oracle/dbs/initscdb.ora
Memory Recommendation: If your database server has sufficient memory, you may consider making the changes listed below.
Increase the values for the following fields in initscdb.ora:
pga_aggregate_target from 1000 MB to 1500 MB
sga_target from 1228 MB to 2048 MB
Windows: C:\opt\oracle\database\initscdb.ora
Linux: /opt/oracle/dbs/initscdb.ora
Number of Connections Recommendation: On a Windows server, the number of Oracle connections is specified in the script: setupservices.bat. To modify the number of connections, take the steps listed below.
1. Edit/view the script that sets up the number of connections:
2. Note that in this file, the following commands specify the number of connections:
C:\opt\oracle\bin\oradim -new -sid scdb -maxusers 60 -startmode auto -pfile
To change the number of Oracle connections, you must remove the service and then re-add it.
3. To remove the service:
C:\opt\oracle\bin\oradim -delete -sid scdb
4. To re-add the service, execute the following command, substituting the new connection values:
C:\opt\oracle\bin\oradim -new -sid scdb -maxusers 60 -startmode auto -pfile