Tuning APTARE StorageConsole > Before You Begin Tuning
Version 9.1
Before You Begin Tuning
You rarely should have a need to tune any of the factory-default settings. Should you determine that degraded system performance warrants a look at certain configurations such as memory, take the following steps.
1. Contact APTARE Global Support Services for guidance on which parameters you should monitor.
2. If, after discussing your configuration with APTARE Global Support Services, you determine that you should modify your configuration, make a copy of any files that you plan to edit.
3. Consider tuning to be a process—that is, increase/decrease a number slightly, then monitor system performance. If your modification results in improvement, you may consider additional adjustments later.
4. Whenever you undertake this tuning process, consider the potential negative impact of settings that are either too high or too low, within the resource constraints of your environment.