Configuring LDAP > Creating Portal Super Users
Version 9.1
Creating Portal Super Users
A super user ( was automatically created during your initial installation. To learn about the privileges of a super user, go to the Portal Online Help.
For security purposes, you cannot add additional super users through the Portal. To add a new super user requires that you log on to the Oracle database server.
To create a super user account:
1. Create a new user, or identify an existing user that requires super user privileges and record the user ID. To create a new user, go to the Portal Online Help.
2. On the Oracle database server (typically, the Portal server), log on as user aptare.
3. Start sqlplus, then log on to the Reporting Database using the following command:
# sqlplus portal/portalPassword
UPDATE ptl_user
SET user_type=3
4. Save your changes.