Importing Generic Backup Data > Manually Loading the CSV File
Version 9.1
Manually Loading the CSV File
Use the following procedure to manually load the Generic Backup CSV file into the Portal database.
These scripts must be run on the Collector Server.
The checkinstall script must be run first to register the event collector ID.
1. List the Data Collectors to get the Event Collector ID and the Server ID, which will be used in step 2.
In the output, look for the Event Collectors section associated with the Software Home—the location of the CSV file (the path that was specified when the Data Collector Policy was created). Find the Event Collector ID and Server ID.
==== Event Collectors ===
Event Collector Id: EVENT_1029161_9
Active: true
Active: true
Software Home: C:\gkgenericBackup.csv
Server Address: 102961
Domain: gkdomain
Group Id: 102961
Server Id: 102961
Schedule: */10 * * * *
2. Use the following commands to load the data from the CSV file into the Portal database.
C:\opt\APTARE\mbs\bin\loadGenericBackupData.bat <EventCollectorID> <ServerID> [verbose]
/opt/aptare/mbs/bin/ <EventCollectorID> <ServerID> [verbose]
Note: If you run the command with no parameters, it will display the syntax.
The load script will check to see if the backup server and client already exist; if not, they will be added to the database. The script then checks for a backup job with the exact same backup server, client, start date and finish date. If no matches are found, the job will be added; otherwise, it will be ignored. This prevents duplicate entries and allows the import of the script to be repeated, if it has not been updated. Once the load is complete, these clients and jobs will be visible via the APTARE StorageConsole Portal and the data will be available for reporting.