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Version 9.1
About Generic Backup Data Collection
APTARE StorageConsole Backup Manager can report on data from backup products that are not native to StorageConsole—such as PureDisk, BakBone, and BrightStor. Using the backup vendor’s export feature, create a comma-separated values (CSV) file. The StorageConsole Data Collection process will import the data into the Portal database, to be included in StorageConsole reports, such as the Job Summary report. The data can be scheduled for regular collection intervals.
Note: In addition to the regularly scheduled data collection, the CSV file also can be imported manually. See Manually Loading the CSV File, later in this chapter.
Files can be imported more than once. Importing will not result in duplicate entries.
Data is job-centric only—that is, no tape media or tape library information is imported.
When checking Data Collection Status, the indicator may display a red error status, which for generic backup data collection, may not be a true error condition. The Generic Backup Data Collector checks the timestamp of the CSV file and if it is the same as the last collection, it does not attempt to re-import the data. In this regard, the Generic Backup data collection process differs from other collectors, as it expects to have data provided via the CSV file.
Data is stored securely and can be used for historical tracking and trending.