Attribute Management > Attributes Overview
Version 9.1
Attributes Overview
The Attributes feature provides the ability to narrow the scope of reports based on specific characteristics, such as operating system or host criticality. In effect, when you generate a report, you can select specific object groups and then also select second-level characteristics—that is, attributes—to refine report filtering.
Often, large enterprise environments need to configure attributes for many objects—Hosts, Arrays, Application Databases, and MS Exchange Organizations.
Bulk load utilities assign attributes to objects, such as hosts or application databases. While the Portal has capabilities for assigning attributes to certain objects, the utilities described in this section fulfill the large-scale requirement for assigning attributes to a large number of objects.
To facilitate bulk loading and configuration of attributes, several utilities are provided:
Load Host Attributes and Values
Load Attributes and Values and Assign to Hosts
Load Array Attributes and Values and Assign to Arrays
Load Application Database Attributes and Values
Load MS Exchange Organization Attributes and Values
For Service Providers (MSPs)
Attributes are StorageConsole Domain-specific; therefore, you can configure different object attributes for different clients without impacting the reports and environments of your other clients.