Automating Host Group Management > Preparing To Use PL/SQL Utilities
Version 9.1
Preparing To Use PL/SQL Utilities
A few things you need to know about running the utilities:
Any time that you are passing a string value as a parameter, the value must be contained within single quotes. For example: 'text'
Some functions require that you pass a group_id. To obtain this value, go to Identifying a Group’s ID.
Also, the PL/SQL utilities have functions that need to be executed from within a PL/SQL session, so set up your environment before you begin to use the utilities.
To prepare your SQL environment
1. Start the sqlplus session. If any error messages appear, resolve these errors before you continue:
If your database server is on a Linux system, login as the Linux user aptare.
If your database is on a Windows system, login as a user who is a member of the ORA_DBA group and open a command prompt window.
sqlplus portal/<portal_password>
2. Enable server output in PL/SQL: