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Version 9.1
General Reporting Issues
Reports with Graphs Fail to Load
Certain reports that include graphs may result in a report failing to load due to an “out-of-memory: Java heap space” error. This may occur when generating a report for a large set of data or exporting it to a PDF. For example, the following reports are known to occasionally encounter this condition: Tape Library and Drive Utilization for one year grouped by hours, Job Volume Summary for three years of daily data, and Data Domain Filesystem Capacity & Forecast for two months grouped by hours.
To work around this condition, try these changes in the Report Designer:
reduce the number of selected objects (for example, servers or arrays)
limit the time period to a shorter timeframe
select a less granular “group by” option (for example, by days instead of by hours)
Missing backups from clients
Typically, this is a Data Collector issue.
Charts Don’t Appear
File system is out of disk space.