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Version 9.1
Data Collector & Database Issues
Data Collector: Changing the Name and Passcode
The Data Collector uses a name and a passcode to identify itself with the Data Receiver. If this name or passcode is changed on the Portal, it needs to be changed on the Data Collector side.
To find and update name and passcode information on the Data Collector server, follow these steps:
On a Windows Data Collector Server
1. Edit the following files:
2. Modify the following entries accordingly:"$COLLECTOR_NAME$""$COLLECTOR_PASSWORD$"
On a Linux Data Collector Server
1. Edit the following files:
The name and the passcode will be passed as program arguments to the Java program in the above two scripts.
In, the name and passcode are the two parameters immediately following "".
In, the name and passcode follow "".
Insufficient Privileges
When creating the database, you may get an insufficient privileges message when the Windows user is not local, or is not a member of the ORA_DBA group. In this case, you receive an insufficient privileges error when you create the database.