Pre-Installation Setup > Prerequisites for Adding Data Collectors
Version 9.1
Prerequisites for Adding Data Collectors
64-bit OS. See the APTARE StorageConsole 9.1 Certified Configurations Guide for supported operating systems.
Support Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7.
Reside in the same time zone as the subsystem from which data will be collected.
For performance reasons, APTARE recommends that you do not install Data Collectors on the same server as the StorageConsole Portal. However, if you must have both on the same server, verify that the Portal and Data Collector software do not reside in the same directory.
Install only one Data Collector on a server (or OS instance).
Replication Manager: Collection of NetApp Replication Data
Similar to Capacity Manager, the Data Collector communicates with the storage array’s system service processor (SSP) to gather storage replication data.
This Data Collector policy is configured as part of the NetApp storage Data Collector.