Validating the Data Collector Installation > Validating the Installation
Version 9.1
Validating the Installation
The following directions assume that the Data Collector files have been installed in their default location:
Windows (C:\Program Files\Aptare) or Linux (/opt/aptare).
If you have installed the files in a different directory, please make the necessary path translations as you follow these testing instructions.
NOTE: Running some of these commands can take up to several hours depending on the size of your enterprise.
1. Open a session.
Windows: Open a command prompt window.
Linux: Open a telnet session logged in as root to the Data Collector Server.
2. Change to the directory where you’ll run the validation script.
Windows: At the command prompt, type:
cd C:\Program Files\Aptare\mbs\bin <enter>
Linux: In the telnet session, type:
cd /opt/aptare/mbs/bin <enter>
3. Execute the validation script.
Windows: At the command prompt, type: checkinstall.bat <enter>
Linux: In the telnet session. type: ./ <enter>
The checkinstall utility performs a high-level check of the installation, including a check for the domain, server group and URL, Data Collector policy and database connectivity. This utility will fail if a Data Collector policy has not been configured in the Portal. Check for status, listed in uppercase: SUCCESS, WARNING, and FAILED. Warning messages often simply indicate that a subsystem, such as a tape library, is not part of your environment.
4. If the output in the previous steps contains the word FAILED, then contact the APTARE Global Support Services and have the following files ready for review: