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Version 9.1
About Database Views
The database views provide a native SQL interface into the Reporting Database. APTARE publishes a collection of views that overlay the underlying database tables. Using these read-only views, you can write your own reports or stored procedure handlers to query the Reporting Database. These views provide a simple and fast mechanism to access a read-only view into the raw data maintained within the Reporting Database. Typically, you’ll use the APTARE StorageConsole SQL Template Designer to create queries for custom reports.
There are two sets of database views:
Common Views. Provides read access to the properties for every backup server that the APTARE StorageConsole maintains.
Product-Specific Views. Provides read access to information about a given underlying backup product. If your backup solution is such that it only uses properties that are typical to all backup solutions, APTARE StorageConsole does not need to provide you a product‑specific view because all properties are adequately covered by the common views.
Storage-Specific Views. Provides read access to data specific to a storage vendor, such as NetApp or HDS.