License Installation and Guidelines > Removing a Portal License
Version 9.1
Removing a Portal License
Note: Use this procedure only when you are replacing a license key with a new one.
1. On the Portal, shut down the data receiver.
UNIX: /opt/aptare/bin/tomcat-agent stop
Windows: C:\opt\aptare\utils\stopagent.bat
2. Shut down the Portal.
UNIX: /opt/aptare/bin/tomcat-portal stop
Windows: C:\opt\aptare\utils\stopportal.bat
3. If you are running version 6.5.18 or higher, run the script to remove license files:
UNIX: /opt/aptare/utils/
Windows: C:\opt\aptare\utils\removelicensefiles.bat
4. If you are running a version earlier than 6.5.18, go to the applicable directory:
UNIX: /opt/aptare/utils
Windows: C:\opt\aptare\utils
Search for and delete the following files: