License Installation and Guidelines > Obtaining a License Key File
Version 9.1
Obtaining a License Key File
A valid license file is required in order to run the Portal application. If you already have a license file, you can proceed to the Installation section that corresponds to the Operating System of your Portal server.
“Installing a License on a Microsoft Windows Portal Platform” on page 6
“Installing a License on a UNIX Portal Platform” on page 8
To obtain a license file:
Gather all the information listed below
Email the information to
A license file will be mailed to you within 48 hours.
Include the following information in the email:
1. Contact and Server Information:
Your name, title and phone number
Company name and address
Hostname of the Portal server
2. If you already have installed the Portal software, run the following command and include the output in the email. See also, Report Configuration Utility.
C:\opt\aptare\utils\reportconfig.bat > reportconfig.txt
/opt/aptare/utils/ > reportconfig.txt
Note: When you pipe the output to a file ( > reportconfig.txt), you’ll have an output file to email.