Analyzing Files > File List Export
Version 9.1.01
File List Export
For APTARE StorageConsole File Analytics, the File List Exporter provides a mechanism for extracting the File Analytics collected metadata into a comma-separated values (.csv) file, enabling further analysis of files that may be wasting storage. Up to 20K rows can be exported to this CSV file.
From the Portal toolbar, choose Tools > File List > Export.
In addition to accessing this tool using the Tools menu list, several File Analytics reports include a check box that launches the File List Exporter:
Usage by Owner
File Sizes
File Types
File Categories
The File List Export window lists the export processes that are currently in progress, as well as those that are available for download.
NOTE: If you select an export process that is in a Processing state and then click Delete, the request will be removed from the list and the current processing will be terminated.