Functions and Views for All Products
Version 9.1.01
Functions and Views for All Products
APTARE StorageConsole provides a set of published read-only database views of the underlying data within the StorageConsole database and related object model. The purpose of these views is to provide a read-only reporting or data extraction mechanism for advanced users of StorageConsole.
Typically, these views will be accessed via the SQL Template Designer, where SQL queries can be constructed to develop custom reports. This document includes all of the published views so that you can identify the type of data that is available for custom reports. For examples of custom report queries, see Viewing Report Query Examples.
Some of the views are common to all products; for example, apt_v_server is a view into the underlying table that describes the properties for every client/server maintained within the system. Other views pertain to a specific product. For example, for environments, all of the view names begin with apt_v_nbu. For NetWorker backup environments, these view names begin with apt_v_leg.
Database and system administrators also can access the read-only database via the command-line interface, as described in the following section.