License Key Utility
Version 10.3.00P13
License Key Utility
Use the license key utility to generate a license key prior to the APTARE IT Analytics software installation. For example, if you are preparing a site for a weekend installation and you want the license key readily available, use the utility for an early generation. The License Key Utility is available through the APTARE Customer Portal:
Login credentials are required.
License Key Procedure
Complete the following steps to generate a license key for your environment:
1. Download and install the currently supported Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your designated APTARE IT Analytics Portal server. Refer to the APTARE IT Analytics Certified Configurations Guide for version information.
JRE may already be installed on your Portal server. To check, run the following command:
java –version
2. Accept the license agreement and click the download link appropriate to your Portal’s operating system. You can install the JRE in any directory (if it does not already exist on the Portal server).
3. Save and extract the file into a temporary folder/directory on the designated Portal server. Change to the directory and run the following command:
java –jar aptarekey.jar
Note: The full path name to the java executable may be required.
Sample Output
============== SYSTEM INFORMATION ======================
Hostname               : laptop
Operating System       : windows xp
Number CPUs or Cores   : 2
License Activation Key : LHK7L-APRQB-AVDPJ-VYME4-CY73M
4. Copy the output from Step 3 and email it to
After approximately 24 hours, you will receive an email from the APTARE License Key Management team with a license key file to install. For evaluation environments, the license key is issued for a time period agreed to between you and your sales representative. The expiration date is a firm date and is clearly visible on the login page of the APTARE IT Analytics Portal.
If you have any technical support questions on our products or are having technical problems with the license key utility installation, contact Veritas Support @