License Installation and Guidelines > Obtaining a License Key File
Version 10.3.00P13
Obtaining a License Key File
A valid license file is required to run the Portal application. If you already have a license file, proceed to the Installation section.
If the Portal software is already installed:
1. Navigate to Admin>Advanced>License Administration. The Portal displays your current license details.
2. Click Request New License. Your email utility is launched with the To field pre-populated.
3. With your email open, press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+V to paste the license information into the email.
4. Send the request.
If the Portal software is not installed:
Gather the following information and add it to the email:
Your name, title and phone number
Company name and address
Hostname of the Portal server
Email the information to
A license file will be mailed to you within 48 hours.