License Installation and Guidelines > Understanding Licensing Restrictions
Version 10.3.00P13
Understanding Licensing Restrictions
At login, the Portal may prompt with a message window similar to the following examples:
The above message is related to storage array capacity licensing. For specific definitions of these types of licenses, see Criteria for Determining Licensing Limits.
This message indicates that the total number of Backup Units in your database has exceeded the number for which you are licensed. A Backup Unit is defined as any client, server, media server, master server—that is, any host in your backup infrastructure for which reporting data is collected.
A number of factors are considered when determining client licensing compliance, as described in Criteria for Determining Licensing Limits.
• When you reach the object license limit, any additional objects will not be added to the reporting database. They, however, will be noted in an exception table. See the Managing Licenses section for tools to identify excluded objects.