Installing the Portal on a Windows Server > Uninstalling Portal Server Software
Version 10.3.00P13
Uninstalling Portal Server Software
This procedure assumes that you installed an evaluation version of APTARE IT Analytics, and now want to uninstall it. Use this procedure to uninstall the application and remove the Oracle database and all the data that resides on that database. Files that you created after the product was installed will not be deleted. Perform this procedure on your Portal Server.
To uninstall Portal Server software
Caution: This procedure completely removes APTARE IT Analytics, the Reporting Database, and all the data that resides in that Oracle database.
Note: If uninstalling Oracle 12c, step 2 is required. If uninstalling Oracle 11g, ignore step 2.
1. From a DOS command prompt, stop and remove the services:
> cd C:\opt\aptare\utils
> stopallservices.bat
> removeservices.bat
2. Only execute this step if uninstalling Oracle 12c. Skip this step if uninstalling Oracle 11g.
> c:\opt\Oracle12cSetup
Double-click deInstallAll12c.bat
3. If running, shut down the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service.
> net stop msdtc
This Microsoft service can sometimes lock one of the Oracle files and prevent the uninstall from completing successfully, as outlined in a Microsoft bug report at
4. Run the uninstaller executable (.exe):
5. From a Windows File Explorer window, remove the database and any other files created after the initial installation:
a. Delete the C:\oradata folder.
b. Delete the C:\opt folder.
6. Reboot the Windows Server.
This step is important to ensure that the deletions are complete.