Pre-Installation Setup for Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) > Prerequisites for Adding Data Collectors (Hitachi Content Platform)
Version 10.3.00P13
Prerequisites for Adding Data Collectors (Hitachi Content Platform)
Identify a server where the Data Collector software will be installed. Server requirements include:
64-bit OS. See the APTARE IT Analytics Certified Configurations Guide for supported operating systems.
Support Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 10.0.2.
For performance reasons, do not install Data Collectors on the same server as the APTARE IT Analytics Portal. However, if you must have both on the same server, verify that the Portal and Data Collector software do not reside in the same directory.
Install only one Data Collector on a server (or OS instance).
Create an HCP system Local user or Active Directory user with specific permissions using the Hitachi Content Platform System Management Console and the Hitachi Content Platform Tenant Management Console. Additional security settings must also be enabled. This enables data collection for HCP namespaces and namespace statistics.