Pre-Installation Setup for NetApp Cluster > Creating a NetApp Cluster-Mode Read-Only User
Version 10.3.00P13
Creating a NetApp Cluster-Mode Read-Only User
Data collection of NetApp Cluster-Mode requires a specific read-only role and user in order to collect data for a cluster.
To create a new user account with the required privileges, use the following Command Line Interface (CLI) steps. This set of commands creates a role as apt_readonly and then a user named apt_user with read-only access.
1. Create a read-only role using the following two commands.
security login role create -role apt_readonly -cmddirname DEFAULT -access readonly
security login role create -role apt_readonly -cmddirname security -access readonly
2. Create the read-only user using the following command. Once you have executed the create command, you will be prompted to enter a password for this user.
security login create -username apt_user -application ontapi -authmethod password -role apt_readonly
The resulting role and user login will look something like this:
Role Command/ Access
Vserver Name Directory Query Level
---------- ------------- --------- ------------------ --------
cluster1 apt_readonly DEFAULT readonly
cluster1 apt_readonly security readonly
cluster1::security login> show
Vserver: cluster1
Authentication Acct
UserName Application Method Role Name Locked
---------------- ----------- -------------- ---------------- ------
apt_user ontapi password apt_readonly no